Yogi Bearings Values its customers and Strives For Excellence Each and Every Time. We pride ourselves on not just being a bearing supplier, but "The Complete Bearing Specialist". Unlike many other bearing suppliers or manufacturers, we do not stop working for you once the order is received.

Our Technical Laboratories is Equipped with the most Advanced Precision Instruments and Computerized Equipment to Evaluate Bearing Applications Quickly and Effectively. The Unique Yogi Bearing Analysis System Evaluates Bearings from Several Perspectives, Including load and Speed Requirements and Environmental Factors that may Affect Performance.

We offer Application Assistance and Research and Development and Ready to Install Sub-Assemblies that will save you Time and Money. A Range of Inventory Management Services is Provided to you as well, which can assist in Containing your Overall Costs.

Yogi Bearings Offers Unique Solutions and Support to Keep you Updated on the Condition of your Machines and Equipment. By knowing what’s going on inside, you’ll maximize uptime and avoid unscheduled downtime.

Asset Efficiency Optimization

AEO is Work Management Process, Designed to Achieve Maximum Efficiency and Effectiveness from work Management Activities Focused on Business Goals for your Facility, Including Production, Environment and Safety. Though AEO Asset Efficiency is Optimized – not Mindlessly Targeted.

Predictive Maintenance

PDM is an Integral Part of a Total Plant Improvement Program, Configured to Eliminate Factors that limit Plant Effectiveness. PDM's are just not to Anticipate Breakdowns and Schedule Corrective Maintenance Task.